Pag Island

  • Pag Island
  • Novalja and Zrće beach
  • Night clubs

Pag-Island, which really looks like we would be on the moon, is 63 km long but only 1,1-11 km wide.
Pag is located in the northest part of Dalmatia, a special member of the Adriatic islands.
The island can be reached by ferry or over a bridge from the Razanac channel located near the south-western Zagreb.
Pag has its own bus transportation, which we can reach all of the main towns with.
We do not need any cars, because these buses depart from both of the main cities Pag and Novalja going to Rijeka and Zagreb, meaning that the wider destinations are also easily reachable by bus.

The western shore is ideal for everyone who would like to see different beach experiences or the lovers of hiking and biking are also able to follow their hobbies in perfect conditions on the whole island. The inhabitants of the island make do on sheep farming, fishing, wine-growing, and tourism, also the salt distillers are important for their living.

The capital of the island had been built by very strict geometric rules in renaissance style from 1443, it is still a beautiful part of the view of the city. There is a parish church called Sveta Marija which entrance is a very popular place for postcards and photos. The marketplace itself is a masterpiece, too, where the two main roads of the city cross each other. The presidential palace there also worth the visit. The Sveta Margita church is also a must-see with the benedictine monastery and the museum.

Novalja is the most important touristic center in Pag Island, it is full of cultural and historical heritages.
It has a long and interesting past, which is stated by archaeological finds, such as three basilicas from early middle ages (4th – 5th century).
There is a commercial boat sank from the B.C.E. 1st century at the bottom of the sea which could be interesting for snorkels.
Novalja has great touristic potential, where anybody could find their interests.
There are a lot of party places for the younger generation, as this city is the center of the night-life in whole Croatia.
The all night partying continues the next day.
The specialities of Novalja and the whole island are the followings: the cheese, lamb, macaroni, cream-cheese strudel, different fish dishes and seafoods, and the local sweets such as the hrostule and frite.

Zrce is located in a protected bay of Croatia, in the middle of Pag Island. Zrce is basically a dreary shingly bay. There were no spectacles in this area until it has been marked as a partyzone.

There is a strict silence-rule in the whole country of Croatia, meaning that nobody can make noise after midnight, that was the cause they marked Zrce as a partyzone.
Zrce Beach has the international ‘Blue Flag’ qualification, which means that the sea is very clear there and it is checked regularly.
The beach is not sandy, but it is free and open nonstop.

If we feel too hot, there are plenty of sport activities and extreme programs which we can choose from instead of just a regular swim.
It is important to mention, that the smaller nightclubs are free, but there is an entrance fee for the bigger ones which is around 50-100 kuna if you do not have Beachattack wristband!

There are more nice beaches besides Zrce, such as Caska (located on an ancient Roman city),
Strasko beach, Branicevica, Planjka, Lokunje and Babe beach.


This is the center of the Beachattack parties on 3000m2!
Six dancefloors, one of them is gigantic sized, footsoak pools, foamparty, jacuzzi and two slides are the basic features. The mood is secured by the go-go dancer girls. This is the place that you never want to leave.


On the footpath of the beach the first stop is Aquarius.
This is a real modern, beachy partyplace. Instead of the dancefloor we can find foodsoak pools with a lot of pretty dancer girls.
If we would get hungry, there are fast food restaurants or pizzas. We may also have our own jacuzzi in the VIP section.


Kalypso is the first and the ‘senior’ partyplace. It has a tatched roof, natural stones surrounded by thick pine trees.
The music style is mainly House.


Noa Club is a new contestant in the field of partyplaces, it opened its doors in 2011. This is a 2000m2 complex, which was partly built on the sea.
Pools, two-storey dancefloor, 5 bars, yacht port, private beach, fast food restaurants and massages.
To put it in a nutshell, this is the partyparadise.


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