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To participate in Beachattack you must have valid BBP insurance!


To participate in our Beachattack programs you must have a valid BBP insurance!
We would like to remind you, that only the following insurances cover the Beach Holidays, the classic insurance is not enough in this case.


Which type of insurance I should choose?
In the European Economic Area those who have health insurance are able to choose from the 3 following types:
Beach Nivo,
Beach Top,
Beach Extra,
for the best option, please consider the prices of the destination country and your own needs!
For those who do not have health insurance, we cannot offer BBP insurance!


Call the insurance company within 24 hours after any claims happen so they can help you with the further administration.
Duration of insurences for Beachattack opening:
Six days insurance duration: 27th of June 2021. – 2nd of July 2021.
Seven days insurance duration: 26th of June 2021. – 2nd of July 2021. or 27th of June 2021. – 3rd of July 2021.

Eight days insurance duration: 26th of June 2021.-3rd of July 2021.

Duration of insurences for Beachattack closing:
Six days insurance duration: 22nd – 27th of August 2021.
Seven days insurance duration: 21st – 27th of August 2021. or 22nd – 28th of August 2021.

Eight days insurance duration: 21st – 28th of August 2021.


Type of insurance   
For 6 daysFor 7 daysFor 8 days
Tengerpart Nívó10 €11 €13 €
Tengerpart Top 12 €14 €17 €
Tengerpart Extra18 €21 €25 €


Insurance conditions can be found here!



Insurances specially established for beach holidays:
– Sports coverage for the following sports (only for non-competitive sports):
– snorkeling (until 40m)
– banana
– waterski
– jetski
– hunting
– hiking with quad (3 or 4 wheeled motorcycle) and jeeps
– gokart exclusively for tourists and hobbies – with the use of the organizers’s own vehicles, which can be used by a paid fee and based on a service contract.
– parasailing
– sailing (except solo sailing) on the whole area of Mediterrean sea, or outside but within the distance of 20 sea miles from the shore, or within the distance of 1 km from the shore the following sports: kitesurf, surf, windsurf, sea kayak.
– Beach-stealing insurance
– Sport-equipment cover for the following sport equipments: snorkel, surf, kitesurf, windsurf, waterski, sea kayak
– Hotel and camping liability insurance
– Hyperbar-chamber treatment



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